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Hi, my name is Brad C. Shupe, and welcome to my blog-site dedicated to covering and promoting the history of the Mastics Moriches and Shirley communities. I look forward to sharing everything and anything having to due with our rich past. Additionally, I hope many of our community members will find information posted here interesting and informative and may even consider becoming a contributor.

As both a staff member of the Mastics Moriches Shirley Community Library and volunteer for the Mastic Peninsula Historical Society, I am in the unique position of coming across many interesting documents, artifacts, memorabilia, etc. This blog site provides another avenue to uncovering our past in addition to my work with the local history websites for the library and local historical society.

All the best,

Brad C. Shupe


2 Responses to About

  1. oldmastic says:

    What an excellent idea Brad!. I’m looking forward to future posts and, hopefully, I’ll be able to contribute something interesting as well.


  2. Dear Brad. Perhaps you are the person to speak to about this topic I’ve wondered about my whole life. I’ve lived on Johns Neck Road my entire life, and at some point in my youth, i was told the apparent story of how this road got its name yet i forget from who, and always wondered if there was some truth to it or just something made up.

    The story goes that this street is named after a gentleman who was beheaded by the British for being a spy during the revoluntary days. Apparently his head was thrown in the creek in which this street was drained and built on, and never found, hence the name “Johns Neck” Road. (Although this could be simply a old term for a creek too)

    Now this story makes some historical sense to me, being as I’m less then a mile away from the Manor of St George right behind the 711 by Smith Point Beach and I’ve been there a few times and know it was the site of a major conflict during the war. So to me, not being a historical expert, the story seems to make some sense and not as far fetch as the actual geographical location suits the story possibility.

    Would you know anything more of this? Ive always wondered this, and as a kid, i was always scared to dig in my back yard for fear of finding Johns head, lol.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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