looking forward….

Wanted to drop a line out to everyone that I have added 2 more short articles in the “our forgotten past” series. Also, the MPHS was successful in having yet another Historic Marker installed for the “Battle of Fort St. George”.  Hope everyone is excited for Spring time and the annual Tri-Hamlet Day festivities.

Looking back, I want to take a moment to thank the library and the community for giving me the privilege of managing our library’s local history collection, and of course, serving with the Mastic Peninsula Historical Society  in our on-going pursuit to preserve our history. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been at this endeavor for the past 16 years now. We’ve done some great work together and I look forward to even greater things to come.


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Fall 2016

Just a quick note to fill everyone in on some of the fun and interesting goings-on here at the library and with the Historical Society. At the top of the list has to be the great news I just received regarding a grant award for another Historic Marker. The new marker commemorates the Richard Floyd IV estate which became the Bayview Hospital before its demise by fire in the 1980s. I so look forward to getting this installed in Mastic Beach this coming spring with the help of the Town of Brookhaven and Mastic Beach Village staff. Let’s also not forget that the historical society has published another booklet on the history of Shirley this past summer and I’m proud to support all the great work the Society does every year.

Coming this fall will be our annual William Floyd Birthday Celebration December 17th. We were quite happily surprised last year by a patron who donated a bust of Mr. Floyd. With the help of Nick Tanzi and the Digital Service Department, a 3d scan of the sculpture was done and we’re now able to print in plastic a perfect miniature replica of the Floyd bust. I look forward to seeing the William Floyd School kids here at the library and commend the work done on the Rita Rech Museum at the High School. The library will be collaborating on providing displays for the museum this coming year.

Moving along, I recently obtained a huge collection of Long Island Postcards during this past spring and we look forward to making this great collection available to the public. Right now we’re in the process of sorting through the collection and organizing it by county and town.

Finally, I would like to add that I’ve put up No. 5 in the “our forgotten past series” regarding Captain James Ezra Hawkins, The Forge River Life Saving Station and its tie-in to the Fire Island Hotel. Take a look at it and send me some feedback. As always, submissions are always welcome.

All the best and yours in history.

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Tri-Hamlet Day and History Markers..

A lot of time has passed since I’ve been active on this blog-site.  My apologies and I’ll do my best to   get back to keeping you all updated at least once a month as to what’s going on with our history research and work here at the library, with the Mastic Peninsula Historical Society, and of course my own personal interests.

I am excited about an event coming Saturday, May 28th, as I will be attending a photo op for the recently installed Historical Marker with regard to the Unkechaug Reservation. The marker is located just across from Franks Bakery on  the south side of Montauk Highway. Additionally, we’ve got the Tri-Hamlet day celebration coming on Saturday, June 4th and the library we’ll be participating as noted in the front page of our current library newsletter.

The library also completed a restoration of the William Floyd Estate Historic Marker this past Winter, which is now up at the corner of Mastic Road and Montauk Highway on the south side. I look forward to working with our local historical society in the coming months to add additional markers at sites of historic significance through out our communities.

Lastly, I would like everyone who subscribes to this site to please let me know if you would like to become a contributor. I was pleased to have Mr. Xio Xiomaro write about his experience photographing the William Floyd Estate. Should you wish to share any of your personal stories, memorabilia, photographs, etc. regarding our areas history, I would be happy to post them out to the public on your behalf.




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Upcoming Fall Programs and Our Forgotten Past series no. 4


With summer just about over and fall fast approaching, it’s time to give everyone a quick update regarding your Community Library local history programming and collections.

I’m excited to announce to my readers that we have artist Xio Xiomaro coming to do a talk entitled “William Floyd Rediscovered” on October 27th at 7:00 pm. Please read article no. 4 in the Our Forgotten Past series, written by Mr. Xiomaro regarding his extraordinary photographs and stay at the William Floyd Estate.

Also, on October 10th, we have Genealogist April Earle giving her program: Genetic Genealogy – Exploring DNA Testing, from 3:30-5 p.m. Ms. Earle also provides general Genealogy research services for any library card members that are interested. To make an appointment, please call or come into the Library to make an appointment.

Regarding our local history digital collections, we are still in the process of moving our items under the New York Heritage research portal program.  I will post an update upon completion and we’re hoping for a smooth transition. As part of this change, we will now be a part of the Long Island Library Resources Councils Long Island Memories Project.

Our reconditioning of the William Floyd Estate Historic Marker is progressing. Rust has been removed from the cast iron sign and metal primer paint has been applied. Completion of the final blue and yellow paint should be completed soon. In addition, I’m happy to announce that Rich Oldham and myself were approved for a grant request on behalf of the Mastic Peninsula Historical Society from the Gardiner Foundation, for the next booklet in the local history series. Look for an upcoming announcement from the society regarding this exciting project. Also in the works and awaiting approval is the grant request to replace the Unkechaug Nation Historic Marker that went missing from its location on Montauk Hwy near Herkimer Street.

I look forward to hopefully seeing many of you at these exciting programs or at the next monthly meeting of the Mastic Peninsula Historical Society on September 16th at 7:30 p.m., Mastic Fire Department building. All the best….

-Brad C Shupe

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July 4th Ketcham Inn opening and other news….

Realized this weekend that I’m overdue for an update to all of you. I was fortunate this 4th of July to be invited to the Ketcham Inn’s Grand Opening to the public. The event was wonderful, and Burt Seides, President of the Ketcham Inn Foundation, has done an outstanding job of an authentic restoration to the building. Truly like walking back in time. Pictured just below left to right is myself with Mr. Seides in the middle and Ed Degennaro, President of the Mastic Peninsula Historical Society. I urge anyone reading this to take the time for a visit and tour. For more information, go to the Ketchaminn website

P1010734 IMG_4488 IMG_4484

In other news, the library with the help of the Mastic Peninsula Historical Society, has just received an historical marker sign regarding the William Floyd Estate and will be doing a restoration before its return to the corner of Mastic Road and Montauk Hwy. The MPHS with my assistance is also working on a William G. Pomeroy Foundation Grant to replace yet another missing marker regarding the Unkechaug Nation. On that note, I would like to say that I’ve always been a supporter of cooperative ventures and I’m proud of the relationship shared between the Community Library and the Local Historical Society for which I am an avid supporter and member.

I would like to see more cooperative relationships and project proposals regarding those other institutions in our purview, such as the William Floyd Estate, Manor of St. George, and the MBPOA.   Newly added to this list is the Mastic Beach Village Historian, Mr. Jamie Reason. Mr. Reason has just been appointed by the Village and we wish him success and look forward to his shared participation in preserving our local history.

Some news with regard to the library collections. We have decided to move our digital materials under the Long Island Library Resource Council (LILRC) “Long Island Memories” umbrella. This should provide us more coverage and notice outside our local communities. We are currently scanning issues from the 1960s and 1970s of Suffolk Life and will also be working on early issues of the Moriches Bay Tide.

Coming soon will be my next installment in the “our forgotten past series” so stay tuned. I am also looking for additional contributors for this site, so if you like writing about history please get in touch with me.

All the best,


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Woodhull Marker, Tri-Hamlet Day, …Our Forgotten Past series

Nathaniel Woodhull Marker, Tri-Hamlet Day, Our Forgotten Past series….

With Spring in the air and Summer close behind, It’s great to look forward to another Tri-Hamlet Day event on June 6th for our community. Recently celebrated an official recognition of the new Nathaniel Woodhull Historic Marker placed on Montauk Hwy. The marker is located on the South side of the street just east of the new ambulance building. Thanks to Rich Oldham and the Mastic Peninsula Historical Society for getting it done. Still have many more of these markers to place and we’re now working on a grant for the next one.

official woodhull marker recognition

Have posted a new article for everyone to read regarding the Smith Point Airfield. You can read all about it on the “series: our forgotten past” page. Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and thanks for reading my pages.

All the best,


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Coney Island Program and the “other Floyd Estates”

Hi, just wanted to let everyone know about a program the library is holding on the History of Coney Island on Monday, April 6th at 7:00 pm. Paul Brigandi will be presenting photos and vintage movies as well as talk about the history of this Iconic area of New York City. Please call into the library at 399-1511 ext 240 to register and I hope to see many of you at this interesting program. Also, please check out my latest article in the “our forgotten series” page titled …the other Floyd Estates.  Lastly, please feel free to contact me regarding any ideas you may have or if you’d like to publish anything history related on this site.


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