1795 Time Capsule/William Floyd Estate Photographs

Wanted to share with you all two exciting happenings that should be of interest. First off, a time capsule was recently uncovered that was originally put in place at the Massachusetts State House by Sam Adams and Paul Revere. The items within the box, which include Newspapers and coins from the era, are very well preserved and can be seen online. The timing couldnt have been more perfect with the new Historical Fiction series “Sons of Liberty” playing on the History Channel.

635561760466219087-AP-1795-Time-Capsule coins ap_1795_time_capsule_wy_150107_4x3_992

Also, one of my colleagues just brought to my attention a Newsday article ( http://www.newsday.com/long-island/li-life/the-other-side-documents-slave-graves-on-long-island-1.9798485 ) on Artist and Photographer Xiomaro who has a display of photographs from the William Floyd Estate which are available to be seen at the Oyster Bay Historical Society through March 29th. I was thinking how great it would be to have these displayed here in our community at the Public Library. Going to put this on my list of things to do this month. Hopefully I can convince him to come here to give a talk at least.

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About bshupe

Reference Librarian at the Mastics - Moriches - Shirley Community Library. Resident of Mastic Park. Advocate for local history preservation and information sharing.
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