Tolfree Estate under new Ownership!

So, its been a while since I’ve gotten back to everyone and I’ve had something on my mind I’d like to share. Most if not all of you who are reading this are aware of the Tolfree Estate (photos below) originally built as a spec house by Fred Quimby around 1911. The Cutro family purchased the house after World War II from Edward Tolfree and had turned it into a restaurant and night club “Island View Manor” featuring musical guests like Tony Bennet. It has come to my attention that the Cutro family has sold the property which causes me great concern about the future of this historic home. Many of our areas historic properties  (ex. Richard Floyd Estate, Knapp Estate, Dana Estate, Augusta Floyd Estate, Nathaniel Woodhull Estate..) have either burned down or been torn down with little or no record of the estates interior or grounds. We can only hope that the future owner, I’ve been told a Mr. Dressler, will elect to preserve the home in some fashion. I know I will be disappointed to see the home torn down in the interest of real estate profits, but alas, without any historical designation, this is likely to be the case. Of course, perhaps the new owner will follow in the footsteps of Anna Wintour, the designer who purchased the Nicoll Floyd Estate in Old Mastic, and at least preserve some of the homestead while remodeling the inside.

tolfree estate   tolfree map

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Reference Librarian at the Mastics - Moriches - Shirley Community Library. Resident of Mastic Park. Advocate for local history preservation and information sharing.
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5 Responses to Tolfree Estate under new Ownership!

  1. William E roache says:

    Brad, As of today it hasn’t closed yet! It would have made fantastic headquarters for the Mastic Peninsula Historical society! Hey! Theres still hope! Bill Roache


  2. bshupe says:

    Yes Bill, I agree about the headquarters aspect, but I’m a realist, so you can leave “hope” at the back door.


  3. chrissyd37 says:

    Although it is not in writing, when we sold our families home to Rob Desshler we were told he would preserve the property and house, including the carriage house to it’s original beauty. Rob shows genuine care and dedication to this, I believe it to be true. I know it won’t happen fast, Rob is a perfectionist (my opinion) and he has a few business ventures going on at this time, Once he starts the work I can assure you, we will all be delighted. Sincerely, Chrisann Cutro-Denigris.


    • bshupe says:

      Thank you for your comment and I too am very pleased that Mr. Desshler has decided to preserve the estate. However long that takes is okay. I look forward to hopefully having the chance to visit the house in its restored glory. Best and glad to hear from you.


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