July 4th Ketcham Inn opening and other news….

Realized this weekend that I’m overdue for an update to all of you. I was fortunate this 4th of July to be invited to the Ketcham Inn’s Grand Opening to the public. The event was wonderful, and Burt Seides, President of the Ketcham Inn Foundation, has done an outstanding job of an authentic restoration to the building. Truly like walking back in time. Pictured just below left to right is myself with Mr. Seides in the middle and Ed Degennaro, President of the Mastic Peninsula Historical Society. I urge anyone reading this to take the time for a visit and tour. For more information, go to the Ketchaminn website

P1010734 IMG_4488 IMG_4484

In other news, the library with the help of the Mastic Peninsula Historical Society, has just received an historical marker sign regarding the William Floyd Estate and will be doing a restoration before its return to the corner of Mastic Road and Montauk Hwy. The MPHS with my assistance is also working on a William G. Pomeroy Foundation Grant to replace yet another missing marker regarding the Unkechaug Nation. On that note, I would like to say that I’ve always been a supporter of cooperative ventures and I’m proud of the relationship shared between the Community Library and the Local Historical Society for which I am an avid supporter and member.

I would like to see more cooperative relationships and project proposals regarding those other institutions in our purview, such as the William Floyd Estate, Manor of St. George, and the MBPOA.   Newly added to this list is the Mastic Beach Village Historian, Mr. Jamie Reason. Mr. Reason has just been appointed by the Village and we wish him success and look forward to his shared participation in preserving our local history.

Some news with regard to the library collections. We have decided to move our digital materials under the Long Island Library Resource Council (LILRC) “Long Island Memories” umbrella. This should provide us more coverage and notice outside our local communities. We are currently scanning issues from the 1960s and 1970s of Suffolk Life and will also be working on early issues of the Moriches Bay Tide.

Coming soon will be my next installment in the “our forgotten past series” so stay tuned. I am also looking for additional contributors for this site, so if you like writing about history please get in touch with me.

All the best,



About bshupe

Reference Librarian at the Mastics - Moriches - Shirley Community Library. Resident of Mastic Park. Advocate for local history preservation and information sharing.
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  1. oldmastic says:

    Yet another great historical update Brad. Can’t wait to see the newly restored Ketcham Inn…



    Zak/Viet Nam/’68-’69


  2. William E roache says:

    WoW! Can’t wait to see it! Bill Roache


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