Tri-Hamlet Day and History Markers..

A lot of time has passed since I’ve been active on this blog-site.  My apologies and I’ll do my best to   get back to keeping you all updated at least once a month as to what’s going on with our history research and work here at the library, with the Mastic Peninsula Historical Society, and of course my own personal interests.

I am excited about an event coming Saturday, May 28th, as I will be attending a photo op for the recently installed Historical Marker with regard to the Unkechaug Reservation. The marker is located just across from Franks Bakery on  the south side of Montauk Highway. Additionally, we’ve got the Tri-Hamlet day celebration coming on Saturday, June 4th and the library we’ll be participating as noted in the front page of our current library newsletter.

The library also completed a restoration of the William Floyd Estate Historic Marker this past Winter, which is now up at the corner of Mastic Road and Montauk Highway on the south side. I look forward to working with our local historical society in the coming months to add additional markers at sites of historic significance through out our communities.

Lastly, I would like everyone who subscribes to this site to please let me know if you would like to become a contributor. I was pleased to have Mr. Xio Xiomaro write about his experience photographing the William Floyd Estate. Should you wish to share any of your personal stories, memorabilia, photographs, etc. regarding our areas history, I would be happy to post them out to the public on your behalf.





About bshupe

Reference Librarian at the Mastics - Moriches - Shirley Community Library. Resident of Mastic Park. Advocate for local history preservation and information sharing.
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1 Response to Tri-Hamlet Day and History Markers..

  1. William E roache says:

    Brad, Can you post pictures of artifacts?


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