Fall 2016

Just a quick note to fill everyone in on some of the fun and interesting goings-on here at the library and with the Historical Society. At the top of the list has to be the great news I just received regarding a grant award for another Historic Marker. The new marker commemorates the Richard Floyd IV estate which became the Bayview Hospital before its demise by fire in the 1980s. I so look forward to getting this installed in Mastic Beach this coming spring with the help of the Town of Brookhaven and Mastic Beach Village staff. Let’s also not forget that the historical society has published another booklet on the history of Shirley this past summer and I’m proud to support all the great work the Society does every year.

Coming this fall will be our annual William Floyd Birthday Celebration December 17th. We were quite happily surprised last year by a patron who donated a bust of Mr. Floyd. With the help of Nick Tanzi and the Digital Service Department, a 3d scan of the sculpture was done and we’re now able to print in plastic a perfect miniature replica of the Floyd bust. I look forward to seeing the William Floyd School kids here at the library and commend the work done on the Rita Rech Museum at the High School. The library will be collaborating on providing displays for the museum this coming year.

Moving along, I recently obtained a huge collection of Long Island Postcards during this past spring and we look forward to making this great collection available to the public. Right now we’re in the process of sorting through the collection and organizing it by county and town.

Finally, I would like to add that I’ve put up No. 5 in the “our forgotten past series” regarding Captain James Ezra Hawkins, The Forge River Life Saving Station and its tie-in to the Fire Island Hotel. Take a look at it and send me some feedback. As always, submissions are always welcome.

All the best and yours in history.


About bshupe

Reference Librarian at the Mastics - Moriches - Shirley Community Library. Resident of Mastic Park. Advocate for local history preservation and information sharing.
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